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ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder)


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) refer to a range of problem behaviors associated with poor attention span. These may include impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, as well as inattentiveness, and often prevent children from learning and socializing well. ADHD is sometimes referred to as hyper kinetic disorder.

Symptoms of ADHD

Attention difficulties :

A child must have exhibited at least six of the following symptoms for at least three months to an extent that is unusual for their age and level of intelligence:

  • Fails to pay close attention to detail or makes careless errors during work or play.
  • Fails to finish tasks or sustain attention in play activities.
    Seems not to listen to what is said to him or her.
  • Fails to follow through instructions or to finish homework (not because of confrontational behavior or failure to understand instructions).
  • Disorganized about tasks and activities.
  • Avoids tasks like homework that require sustained mental effort.
    Loses things necessary for certain tasks or activities, such as pencils, books or toys.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Forgetful in the course of daily activities.


A child must have exhibited at least three of the following symptoms for at least three months to an extent that is unusual for their age and level of intelligence.

Runs around or excessively climbs over things. (In adolescents or adults only feelings of restlessness may occur.)
Unduly noisy in playing, or has difficulty in engaging in quiet leisure activities.

Leaves seat in classroom or in other situations where remaining seated is expected.

Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms on seat.


At least one of the following symptoms must have persisted at least for three months to an extent that is unusual for their age and level of intelligence:

Blurts out answers before the questions have been completed.
Fails to wait in lines or await turns in games or group situations.
Interrupts or intrudes on others, likes ot jump into others conversations or games.

Talks excessively without appropriate response to social restraint.

ADHD or Others causes

Epileptic seizures can cause a child to become drowsy, impairing their attention. Epilepsy can also cause unusual behavior and lead to abnormal perceptions.

Hearing problems such as deafness or glue ear can make it hard for a child to follow instructions and make them appear inattentive.

Reading problems, making it hard to complete tasks or follow instructions.

Obsessive compulsive disorder leads to people following strange rituals that preoccupy their thoughts and distract their attention.

Tourette's syndrome involves repetitive, involuntary jerking movements of the body and sudden outbursts of noise or swearing.

Autism and Asperger's syndrome often lead to difficulties in understanding and using language.

Prolonged periods of insufficient sleep, causing poor concentration.

Some children may be very active or be easily distracted or have difficulty concentrating. If these behaviors are relatively mild, they should not be considered a disorder.

Others difficulties that occurs alongside ADHD

ADHD often occurs alongside other difficulties and is not the sole cause of problem behaviour. Children may exhibit temper tantrums, sleep disorders, and be clumsy. Other behavioural problems that occur with ADHD include:

  • confrontational defiant behavior, which occurs in most of these kids. The child loses their temper, argues and refuses to comply with adults and deliberately annoys others.
  • conduct disorders occur in at least 25 per cent of children. The child may be destructive or show deceitful behavior such as lying, breaking rules and stealing.
  • specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia, occur in 25-30 per cent of children.
  • severe clinical depression occurs in about 30 per cent of children.
  • anxiety disorders occur in 30 per cent of children.

What causes ADHD?


Temperamental, as this contributes to their attitude and personality.

Twins suggest a genetic link to ADHD. In 80-90 per cent of identical twins where one has ADHD so does the other. Recent research also suggests there is a greater chance of inheriting the condition from male relatives such as grandfathers and uncles.

Brain injuries due to birth trauma or pre-birth problems. The brain structures believed to be linked to the development of ADHD are vulnerable to hypoxia damage during birth. The damage is caused by inadequate oxygen (QI flow) reaching parts of the brain while blood flow is reduced.

Environmental conditions:

Family stress.
Educational difficulties.

ADHD diagnosis

Observations to the assessment of a child with possible ADHD. There is no single diagnostic test for ADHD so different sorts of information needs to be gathered, such as the following:

History of symptoms The precise nature of the difficulties, when they were first noticed, in what situations they occur, factors that exacerbate or relieve them.

Medical history
Risk factors that could predispose the child to ADHD include difficulties and risks in pregnancy and during birth, for example if the mother was in poor health, very young or drank alcohol or smoked or had an extended or complicated labour.

Several medical conditions are known to be associated with ADHD. These include fragile-X syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, G6PD deficiency, phenylketonuria and generalised resistance to thyroid hormone.

Accidents, operations and chronic medical conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and heart, liver and kidney disorders all need to be taken in to account. Also of possible relevance is any medication the child is taking, as well as any adverse reactions they have had to medication in the past.

Past psychiatric history:
Enquiring about any mental health problems the child has had can help rule out depression or anxiety being behind the symptoms.

Educational history:
This means the level of their ability and what specific difficulties they have, how they function within their peer group and get on with teachers, and any behaviour difficulties such as suspensions or exclusions.

Family history:
The mental and physical health of the child's parents and other family members can be relevant, particularly regarding the incidence of ADHD or depression.

Social assessment:
The family's social circumstances, such as housing, poverty, and social support may all have an impact on the child's behaviour.

What treatment is available for ADHD? There is NO striaght treatment in the western way excepts general guidelines to manage a child's problematic behaviour, Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Center in Malaysia KL has developed a NEURO treatment for these special kids. It is with Chinese Master's NEURO Acupuncture and Specail Neuro Herbal Powder.

True story Coma for 24 days.

Liew Mun Hing
Age : 37
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Married
Proton top sale personal

Like a usual, that day was a normal day for Liew and his friend. They were in their way returned back from Singapore after some business meeting. During the journey they were joking and laughing happily, after chatting so much, they feel very tired and they felt into a deep sleep, accepts the driver off course. Suddenly, the loudly sound woke some of them up, but send Mr. Liew and another passenger to coma.

The driver felt dizzy and very painful, he was unconscious after a few seconds and the others were unconscious. They was sent to Kajang General Hospital immediately in the Hospital, Liew underwent many X - ray and intensive medications, many specialist try to revive him from coma, but they fail to do so, he was placed in the most dangerous bed at the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Living on only life supporting machine, he gets special treatment and care from the doctors and nurses because he was the most critical patient in that room by that time. The doctors could not operate on him because his whole brain was injured and that is pressure with a lot of blood and fluid in his brain . The whole of his right body, hands and legs were badly injured too.

Then, his wife make a decision after being advise from doctors to transfers him to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. He is in the most critical bed of the whole I.C.U. The doctors still says the same as doctors before that they cannot operate on his brain because the whole brain was injured and that blood was still coming out of his brain. Its really risky if they make a decision to operated on him. If they do the operation the massive bleeding in his brain will get out of control and it will bleed to dead in his brain and also too many complications will arrive.

His wife was in a desperate situation, then she ask the permission of the doctors to allow her to invite three Chinese people to come to the hospital to pray for his husband and hoping to regain his consciousness by bringing back his sole. After a few day they pray he still at the same condition. They fail to gain his consciousness.

After been trough the treatment and praying, Liew still in the most dangerous bed of ICU. His wife felt even more desperate and trying to get help from relative and friends and luckily, one of her brother in-law recognized Chinese Master because he was a sale-man, supplying to all the Chinese physician and acupuncturist in the whole of Malaysia dealing with Chinese herbs and acupuncture machines. He advise Mr. Liew's wife that they should immediately go to see Chinese Master in KL to get help from him. Her brother in-law also says that he is one of the most experience and Master Acupuncturists in South-East Asia, and he has received award from China.

On the same day Andrew Liew's brother in-law came to Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Center in KL. When they saw Chinese Master , they explain the situation of Andrew Liew and how serious he is at that moment. There say that Andrew has been a very good man, humorous too. They begged Chinese Master to go to the hospital to save Mr. Liew's life, despite at that moment it was very crowded in the clinic, Chinese Master still arrange some time to go to save the man’s life. He learns and know that Liew is a good man in helping their family and relatives from Liew's relatives. Chinese Master also says that a good man like Andrew should have a good and longer life then these.

The sun was shinning strongly the whole journey from Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment Center to the General Hospital in Setapak. There was no traffic jam at all, and smoothly they have arrived at the hospital with the hopes to get Andrew back as a normal. They come with thousand of hopes and hoping that Liew will be treat.

Chinese Master when up to the ICU ward with his relatives. Through enough Andrew is in the most critical bed of the whole I.C.U, Liew was getting support from a pumping machine to supplying oxygen to his lung. So externally manufactured Qi can be formed to maintaining the supply of Qi to his lungs, in order to keep his lungs alive. There were another machine on him to make his heartbeats, the accident almost kill him. He was extremely luckily he still has his innate essence of life in tack in his kidney to help maintain his life.

After the accident, his brain got damage and his right leg,arm and body injured, he is now in a 24th day of coma position in I.C.U which no one have survive for more then 5 days. Therefore, by doing NEURO Acupuncture, Chinese Master woke him up immediately after the treatment. The time was about 4.00 p.m. the Sun was shinning brightly before started the acupuncture treatment when Liew speak to Chinese Master and say it is very painful, than know that he was woken up and suddenly the sky become very dark and the wind was becoming strong. Liew families and the nurses were get supplies to see Liew woke up, all of us were very happy and thanks to God.

After 10 days of acupuncture treatment in hospital, Liew was move from General Hospital to his home. Before the accident, Liew was a funny person. He likes to make joke to his friends and he work in EON as a salesman of Proton car. Last year, he gets the top salesman awarded from his company but now, he lost his memory, he cannot recognize anyone including his wife and children. When he is unconscious, his wife is still pregnant at 8 months.

He continued to come to Menara Promet, he need twice a day of acupuncture treatment, although he is undergo 10 days of acupuncture treatment while he is in the hospital. At the 10 days of treatment, Chinese Master safe his life and try to maintain his organs into a normal condition but his mind still blank at that time of period, he looks likes don't know anything was happen around him. He cannot answer our question or thinks correctly like before. Sometimes he tells us the wrong answer and he totally didn’t know what he talking about. He started wearing pampers after he gets out from Hospital because his brain get seriously damage including controlling urination system.

After a few weeks of time he become healthier than a few days before. He can talk and demand what he wants. Now he will ask anything he wants, also when he was hungry. Compare to the day he woke up, now he much better and very health man.


After a few months, his minds become smarter. He can chat with us like before the accident happen. He can recognize every thing around him better include all he one he loves. What he has to do now is to completing 9 months of treatment before he can go back to work. Now he is 90% recovery and done his work almost one year. In the same year he has sold over one hundred proton cars. He is very hardworking and motivates person. He will come to Chinese Master once a month at least to do acupuncture treatment.

Liew is a very lucky person. It was the most valuable present he received in his life from a good physician Chinese Master.

of a 3 years old Brain Death Coma Kid, after just a few treatment of Chinese Master's NEURO ACUPUNCTURE when she first came and now she can see and react to calls.

When she came into Chinese Master's centre, she could not even see and no respond to any calls, not even from the mother and she need 2 hours to slowly pour liquid food into her each meal of her feedings.

She know how to run and press the television and play with other kids befor she had her "bad episode". She had a high fever two days and then send to hospital near by, and there she was coma and then send to another bigger hospital but nothing could be done, after a few days the fever was off but still she could not repond to anything, the doctors then said whe is brain death from virus infections.

From a relative's intruduction and strong recomadation to come to Kuala Lumpur to see Chinese Master for rescure. The mother and grant mother came in crying while telling Chinese Master the daugther's history begged Chinese Master to give back life to her daughter. Soon after 30 days her daughter became well and when home.She could starts to learn how to walk and talk again.